Standard Fitting Instructions for Overdoor Canopies

Mark out and pre-drill 6mm holes at approx 300mm centres along the canopy flanges .
Offer canopy up to the wall and centralise it above the door opening. Mark off the position on the wall for the bracket assembly (if brackets are to be fitted). Make sure you markings are straight and level.
Offer the bracket up to the wall at each side of the door opening. Drill and plug the wall using a 7mm masonry drill bit. Screw the bracket to the wall using 3" screws and plugs please us a wood packer where fixing screws to stop any distortion or damage to bracket
Lift the canopy onto the brackets and centralise over the door opening. Drill and plug the wall as before, this time using 2"screws and plugs .
screw through bracket into canopy to pull tight and seal gap with white sealent Cover all visible screw heads with the appropriate coloured screw caps.
Clean canopy using soap and water or a non-abrasive cleaner
Seal canopy to the wall using and appropriate colour sealer. Your overdoor canopy is maintenance-free, however we recommend regular cleaning with soap and water to maintain it's good looks for many years to come.
Care should be taken not to stand on the canopy as this may cause cracking or damage to the surface finish.

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